Weatherproof outdoor lamps according to your own design

Handmade garden lamps with a brass body covered with a dark grey graphite coating. The inner lampshade is also handmade and protects against rain and snow. Even during the day, the garden lamps are a jewel in the garden due to their exclusive design and convince through the processing of noble materials. At night, they enchant the garden and terrace, adding a personal touch. Of course, the lamps also fit into the house and can be placed there in a decorative and light-giving way. Orders for the EU area are shipped from our Spanish shop in Mallorca.

Belle Epoque

Cacao Hanging

Cacao Sleeping




Mata Ayam



San Giorgio


Technical data

Cover:Material brass with graphite coating
Feet:Rubber coating
Lampshade:GVK (glass fibre reinforced plastic)
Lampholder:E27 for all standard incandescent lamps, dimmable incandescent lamps also possible
Outdoor power cable:5 m with CH plug 3-pole; protection class IP 54
Design protection:IGE Modèle déposé; Livingdreams Label
Sizes:small deviations possible due to handmade design

The lampholders have been tested and approved by the Guangdong Testing Institute of Product Quality Supervision (GQI). This institute is a
member of the IECEE with headquarters in Geneva, which means that the test is also valid in Switzerland. The lamps including the lampholder
(various samples) were also tested and approved by the Intertek test institute. As the lamp socket is in a protected housing, no further
protective devices are required, even according to the Ordinance on Low-Voltage Installations. The extra-long cable is fitted with a Swiss
mains plug and the 4 rubber feet prevent slipping on slippery floors.

Own Design/Production

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Care instructions

To clean the lampshades, you can use a commercial kitchen cleaner by spraying it into the shades. Then you can use a small brush and water (only from the outside) to clean the shades. To freshen up the metal, you can spray a WD40 silicone spray on a rag and rub it on the metal

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